Sep 27, 2022

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Company Overview

We offer passive income trading opportunities


By providing clients with access to innovative, cutting-edge financial investment strategies that offer lucrative earnings opportunities, MAKO is focused on rising to the demands of each unique client.


We sustain a steadfast dedication to generating satisfactory yields over the long run by remaining systematic and diligent in terms of our expertly honed, provable, and repeatable investment model.

More About

Mako is a platform where you earn during 2022 crisis

Aenean leo


Investments in your knowledge are just as important as investments in money. It is through knowledge, that one becomes successful as an investor.

Mako is a platform where you earn during 2022 crisis

Investment Details

Plan terms0.5% Daily for 20 days

Deposit term$10 - $1,999

Payment daysInterest is paid daily

Investment Details

Plan terms1.2% Daily for 30 days

Deposit term$2000 - $9,999

Payment daysInterest is paid daily

Investment Details

Plan terms2% Daily for 40 days

Deposit term$10,000 - $35,000

Payment daysInterest is paid daily

Investment Details

Plan terms7% daily for lifetime

Deposit termYour deposit term is unlimited

Payment daysInterest is paid seven days a week

Withdrawals are processed automatically, you will not have to wait. see details

The Plan

Endless online income

Our investment plan was strategically designed to offer our clients investment stability at the lowest possible long-term risk. We endeavour to ensure our clients yield a positive return on their initial principal investment in the shortest possible time. We never lose sight of the fact that your success is our success.

Our investment plan has unlimited renewals and a monthly interest rate from 0.5% to 2%, which is paid daily.

How does it work

Stop losing money while you learn, join us and earn passive income while developing your mastery in forex.

We consistently invest in developing our business practices and offerings while also going the extra mile to foster a transparent and positive relationship with our customers, even during challenging periods.

Our team is in charge of concrete commercial agreements with recognized firms such as: FTMO, MFF, TFT. With which you can earn passive income while you explore your way to the world of trading.

Private Investors


Investment Options

Forex Trading



Mako is a platform where you earn during 2022 crisis

You get weekly returns and affiliate commissions

See why we’re different


Exclusive Affiliate Program

Partners have an opportunity to earn up to 3% commission on any investments that result from referrals


Top notch Customer Service

Our outstanding customer service team is always on hand to help you address any problems that may arise


We accept the most popular e-currencies

We offer deposits and withdrawals in the most popular e-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether & more


Secure Control Panel

Our comprehensive security tools continually monitor accounts to ensure they are fully protected

Mako is a platform where you earn during 2022 crisis


Investments are an opportunity for a better future

What you put into your long goal planning now, will make life easier later


Actions create your future

Secure your future by wise investments and financial planning

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Legal company

Mako is secure protection

Mako Group Limited secure protection as below

Touch in us

Mako is a 24/7 support

If you have an urgent request, we strongly advise you to contact us from the contact form on this page. We will then be able to send you a prompt and more accurate reply, by having worked on your issue beforehand and without having to come back to you afterwards. (Email)

makotradesofficial (Telegram)

Mako is a legal company

Mako Group Limited is alegally registered NewZealand company with headquarters in Auckland, Dublin & New York.

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Referral Program

Mako is a platform where you earn during 2022 crisis

Join our affiliate program and get paid like a boss


up to



Referral commissions

Earn up to 3% commission for all subsequent investments your referral makes


Investment stability

We offer our clients investment stability at the lowest possible long-term risk

We accept populars cryptocurrencies
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